The Book that Started the “528 LOVE Revolution”
Science, Religions, Spirituality, and Music . . . 
Here’s Mathematical Proof That LOVE, 
the “Universal Healer,” Connects You to God’s Heart, 
Vibrating at 528Hz on the Cosmic Dial.
Award-winning author and filmmaker, Dr. Leonard G. Horowitz,  has revealed secrets buried for thousands of years in several award-winning books and documentaries. Here he merges science, religion, medicine, and metaphysics; explaining how creation happens, and how you can use this knowledge for securing health, happiness, evolution in consciousness, sustainability, and “prosperity in all ways.” 
The world today is riskier than ever. Those who profit from fear and scarcity are no match for faith in the Source of this Divine intelligence.
This book demystifies “the Universal Healer”―LOVE, explains what it is, and how it operates musically, mathematically, in your heart, as the greatest force for good in the universe. 
The Book of 528: Prosperity Key of LOVE exposes the Illuminati’s top trade secrets, to level the playing field for the mass transfer of wealth.
Take advantage of this opportunity to learn and grow rich with life’s most precious gift, and the universe’s most powerful force―LOVE.

“The Only Book That Can Save the World.”

This Book’s Main Thesis: 

    That the “seal” of LOVE protecting your heart is opened by the key to the house of David, the miraculous 528Hz frequency pure tone that is central to Divine creation.
Change the World with the Key that Unlocks the Door to Your Heart. . . .
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 “Here’s Proof that God is Alive and Well. . . . The Book of 528: Prosperity Key of LOVE  Presents Compelling Revelations About LOVE, 
Creation, Nature, and Your Divine Family.”

Sherri Kane, Medical Veritas

This Book Will Have You Celebrating 
Your New, More Joyous Life . . .
The truth about LOVE, in the Creator’s heart, is thrilling and sustaining. That warm fuzzy feeling you have in your heart when you are in LOVE reflects this frequency of energy that mathematics proves is 528Hz. 
This energy is the heart of everything. It is the reason grass is green, the Yin/Yang symbol is shaped like a “69,” and there are exactly 5280 feet in a mile. The “Life Force” of 528Hz is fundamental to everything including the sun, pyramids, circles, squares, rainbows, and snowflakes. That’s why Dr. Leonard Horowitz named it the “Universal LOVE/528 Constant.”
528Hz—the original “MIracle 6” note of the ancient Solfeggio musical scale—broadcasts through a ”Master Matrix” that the religious world calls the Kingdom of Heaven. 528 is now determined to be the “key to the house of David,” prophesied in the Bible (Isaiah 22:22 and Rev. 3:6-8), compelling 1000 years of world peace.

The revelations here are “mind-blowing.” This evidence merges science and theology to explain spirituality as vibrating energy. These revelations secure your freedom from doctrines that are downright foolish and dis-easing. 
Shocking and uplifting findings expose what’s missing and neglected in science, religion, medicine, and metaphysics that is optimally healing, freeing, and sustaining.

ISBN: 0-923550-78-X

437 pages; 6x9 format; 60 illustrations

$29.95 Hardcover (June 15, 2011);

$19.95 E-book ((February 8, 2011);


Publisher: Tetrahedron Publishing Group


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